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Dewatering Equipment

Dewatering Equipment

Product Introduction
A vacuum dewatering filter relying on microporous ceramic
Filtering Area
Product Improvement
Microporous ceramic as filtering medium saves cost by 90%

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Dewatering Equipment in mineral include Press Filter,Vacuum Filter Machine,Sand Dewatering Screen.be used for floating and dewatering in clean coal and fine materials like tailings, and it can be also used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, sewage treatment, and other aspects of the solid-liquid separation.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, metallurgy, standard parts, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment and other environmental protection industry.
Application of chamber press filter: concentrate filtering, tailings dry stacking, the product particle size reaches -500 mesh
Application of plate press filter:Powder ore dewatering such as gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc and so on; treatment of tailings dam

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  • Press Filter
    Press Filter

    Product Introduction
    A dewatering equipment relying on pressure of slurry pump including chamber press filter and plate press filter
    Filtering Area
    Product Improvement
    Plastic steel filtering plate, resistance to high temperature and pressure, durable, programmable control, automatic operation

  • Vacuum Filter Machine
    Vacuum Filter Machine

    Product Introduction
    A vacuum filter with vertical discs consisted of fanning plates
    Sedimentation Area
    Product Improvement
    Polypropylene plastic plate, light weight, corrosion resistance, stepless speed regulation, change spindle speed according to different needs

  • Sand Dewatering Screen
    Sand Dewatering Screen

    Product Introduction
    A multi frequency sand dewatering screen with large capacity and full dehydration
    Product Improvement
    The efficient multi frequency sand dewatering screen adoptsscreen side opening holes, and the water flows out from the hole quickly accelerating the dewatering speed, in addition, it avoids the damage due to water splashed onto the motor.


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