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Mining Thickener

Mining Thickener

Produced by introducing American technique
Product improvement
New mechanical structure, strengthening the flocculation of solid particleand supplying flocculent adding system

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Mining Thickener, Acid Thickener For Phosphoric Acid

High Efficient Factory Price Dewatering Sludge Mining Thickener.Our Mining Thickener has been sold to all over the world.You can give us your requirement,then we will give you a perfect project.

Mining Thickener Mining Thickener Thickening Equipment  Mining Thickener


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  • Adding the flocculants to increased sedimentation particle size, thus speeding up the sedimentation velocity.

  • Adding the degassing tank to prevent solid particles attached to the bubbles

  • Setting material receiving plate and cylinder moving down, the feeding evenly and steadily falling, effectively prevent the occurrence of the splashing.

  • Unit processing capacity is improved by 4 ~ 9 times,and energy saving 30%.

Work Principle

This thickener consists of round thickener and harrow scrapping machine, the solid particles suspend in thickener settling by gravity, the pulp in the upper turn into clean water, so that the separation can be realized. Slime that sediment in the bottom of the thickener is discharged by the harrow scrapping continuously, and clean overflow from the upside.

Product Description

High efficiency thickener is not simple equipment, but with a new type of dewatering equipment mud layer filtration characteristics. Its main feature is to add a certain amount in the flocculants to be concentrated pulp, the pulp of mineral particles form flocks, accelerate the sedimentation rate, and improve the efficiency of the concentrate

Product Structure

Mining Thickener

Product Application

Mining Thickener is widely applied in metallurgy, mines, coal, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection and other departments, which has significance for improvement of water returning utilization rate and underflow conveying concentration.

Mining Thickener FAQ

Q:Hi, are you mining machinery manufacturer?

A: Yes, we can also provide amples test, mine design, equipment manufacture, after-sale service, etc.

Q:which country have your products been exported?

A:Many country, such as India, Ethiopia and so on. And our company has agencies in Zimbabwe, Sudan and Tanzania.

Q:Can you do mineral processing test?

A: Yes, not only can do it in your country, also can back to our company.

Technical Parameters:

Model Inner Diameter of Tank (mm) Tank
Subsidence Area (m2) Rabble
Lifting Height of the Rabble (mm) Driving
Steel Tank Weight (kg) Weight
GX-3.6 3600 1700 10.2 1.1 200 Y100L-6 1.5 Y100L-6 1.5 2829 6650
GX-5.18 5182 2134 21 0.4 300 Y132S-6 3 PZ0.8AB 0.8 5342 10460
GX-6 6000 2500 28.3 0.8 300 Y132M1-6 4 Y132S-8 2.2 6506 10573
GX-7.5 7500 2800 44.1 0.427 300 Y132M2-6 5.5 Y132S-8 2.2 10258 17320
GX-9 9000 2800 63.6 0.427 300 Y132M2-6 5.5 Y132S-8 2.2 15980 23680
GX-12 12000 3600 110 0.35 300 Y132M-4 7.5 Y100L1-4 2.2 25589 42756
GX-15 15000 4000 177 0.15 300 YCT200-4B 7.5 Y112M-6 2.2 36050 59000
GX-18 18000 4400 254 0.13 400 YCT200-4B 7.5 YTC752A-44 5.5 52485 73296
GX-20 20000 4400 314 0.13 400 YCT200-4B 7.5 YTC752A-44 5.5 59365 76020

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